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In Pursuit of Self-Sabotage

Every artist needs a pep-talk sometimes. I, for one, need many…

In lieu of being the determined self-aware artist I should be, I have now realized that I’m quite irrevocably the self-sabotaging kind. Not to say I’m doing anything purposely malicious. No, I’m just setting myself up for failure without notice, and doing so repeatedly.

What do I mean?

For one: I’ve lost focus too many times. With each time I meet a new horizon of accomplishment, I’ve turned to fruitless pursuits instead of allowing myself to move forward. And two: Instead of listening to myself, I’ve been distracted by the many dissenting voices that have told me that I am unworthy and that I will fail.

I’m endlessly, unrelentingly setting myself up for sabotage.

But I’m ready to bring myself back to life, and I’m ready to say “no more…

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