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Positive Creative Energy

Often times art seems to focus on negative aspects of life, or become overly political in what it has to say. Artists are so passionate about an idea of change by means of their work, sometimes shocking or grievously expressing it in order to say something. Even more so, as the world experiences tides of political, social and financial turmoil, things can seem downright depressing. That's why I want to keep things positive in my artwork.

Positive change through positive ideas.

The theme I'm working on is all about the circle of life; life to death, yet the uplifting aspects of life as people who experience both joy and sorrow. Also carrying this on to the theme of natures renewal, spiritual renewal, and keeping simplicity in life.

When I started working on this theme I was reminded of one of my favorite artists Paul Gaugiun, and his painting "What Are We? Where Do We Come From? Where Are We Going?" Beautiful questions to answer, and questions I believe less pondered in this humdrum modern life. That is why I want to expand on it.

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