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Spring Giveaway

Spring has finally arrived. I thought I would never say this but: no more rain here in California. I'm Done!

To celebrate I'm doing my first ever give away via Instagram and Facebook. The first is for a small painting I did.

I decided to do something very different and painted a realistic type mini painting off of a photograph. This is usually the thing I do for gifts to friends and family, so I thought why not give a gift to my followers. This doesn't mean I'm changing my art style; I just like to practice my skills (like all good artists do), and that includes doing realistic drawings and paintings. I still prefer to get funky-in-the-moment and do my original, emotional style overall.

Visit my first Spring Giveaway post for more details. Be sure to like and follow if you haven't already and keep checking back for more giveaways coming up soon!

Here is my Instagram post:

Also, follow me via Facebook for more chances to win:

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