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You can purchase many of my items online as prints through a third-party at site Society6.

If you contact me directly, I will set up sales through Ebay (This is my preferred sales method). Sales will be price listed + Taxes/Shipping. Contacting me through Text or Email is best. I'm open to negotiation.

I also sell original pieces through Saatchi Gallery. I will also be listing pieces through my new Etsy account shortly.

I also have additional artwork at each site not seen here as well as other artwork on Instagram and Facebook, so please feel free to inquire about anything you like.


If you live in the Sacramento, CA area you can avoid shipping costs if you are willing to arrange pick-up or drop-off.

If you want to say a quick hello and stay in touch for future art shows, please fill out the contact form below. I always love some feedback.

Tel: 831.713.6352

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